Greetings Dreamers, my name is David Freeman. I’m a Boss, a Boomer and a  Career Coach and I’d like to welcome you to my own personal passion project all about boosting your career. We’ll do that while discovering perfect DREAM JOB CHOICES with your name on it. One thing I know for absolute certain about boosting your career and finding a DREAM JOB is that:

  • Targeting the proper job with the perfect presentation will be the key to opening the door to your best career assignment yet.  

As the direct result of lessons learned from my 40+ year management career, I have been able to share my observations to benefit a wide variety of individuals as a CAREER COACH. After reviewing mountains of mind-numbing resumes and interviewing countless unprepared applicants, I have noted that the vast majority of JOB SEEKERS follow a traditional, uninspired and absolutely ineffective approach to THE SEARCH.
Whether you are a Boomer, a Beginner or a somewhere In-Betweener I have a news flash. On any given day, there are DREAM JOB OPPORTUNITIES with your name on them, just waiting to be discovered. More specifically, there are DREAM JOB BOSSES with the perfect position available and a sincere desire to meet you.
If that sounds like wishful thinking, it’s not. It’s actually a WIN/WIN opportunity just waiting for your ACTION PLAN. While I understand that considering just one more job searching expedition probably wouldn’t even come close to the top of your personal bucket list, consider this a fresh look at the job seeking process.
First, let’s do a BAD NEWS / GOOD NEWS overview:

  • BAD NEWS first: At any given moment there are thousands and likely multiple thousands of individuals actively looking for work in your area of interest. Dang!
  • Now, the GOOD NEWS: Among the vast majority of all job seekers from all time, most of them have, do and will forever continue to SUCK AT THE SEARCHSo High Five & Boom That!

Here are a few things I have learned about the average job seeker.  When it comes to looking for a new or better job:

  • They don’t have a PLAN.   
  • They don’t know HOW TO FIND the available Dream Job openings.  
  • They don’t knowHOW TO EARN an invitation to interview. 
  • They don’t have an SEO OPTIMIZED Letter of Introduction & Resume. 
  • ….AND...They don’t knowHOW TO ACE an interview by researching the employer’s WHY.
  • More specifically, when it comes to a potential dream job company, they haven’t researched WHO they are, WHAT they do and WHY they do it.

So, while I don’t put a lot of faith in sweeping generalities, here are several things I know for certain:

  1. Most working individuals do not consider their current assignment to be a Dream Job.
    • That being said, most will never rise to the occasion to consider searching for a better opportunity, ever.
      • They, therefore, are NOT your competition.
  2. Even better news, the vast majority of the actual active job seekers will take their chances with the Job Search Engine Lottery and patiently wait to be discovered.
    • CONCLUSION: They are NOT your competition, plain and simple. 
  • Their preparation will be limited to the submittal of an out of date and poorly written resume that will be rejected by computers in a Nano-Second or by humans in the blink of an eye.
  • They will also be unaware of the fact that ninety percent (90%) of all available jobs are never posted on a search engine and never advertised.

That last point is a beauty. Imagine the faulty logic in the standard job seekers battle plan. If their only hope is to count on the luck of the draw by putting all of their hopes, dreams and job searching eggs in a computerized Job Search Lottery basket, they are likely to be disappointed.

I’m imagining that if most job seekers knew even the most basic details concerning a  Search Engine, they would either give up or look for a better way. For example, here are a few nuggets that need to be considered before putting your faith and your future in the hands of a computerized algorithm.

  1.     Most job postings will receive thousands of applications, even though there is only one position available.
  2. That means for every thousand applicants, 999 will be rejected. In the words of Dirty Harry, “Do you feel lucky, Punk? Well, do ya?”
  3.     Computers can not evaluate your experience. They can only search for Keywords that match the employer’s own random selection.
  4. In other words, you may be the best candidate of those 1,000 hopefuls, but if you don’t also describe your talents while reading the mind of the boss…REJECT.
  •  Then think about this. If you have the expectation that recruiters around the area are going to find your resume on a search engine, think again.
  1. In order for a recruiter to discover your resume on the Search Engine that you have selected, they must first be a paying subscriber to that service.
  2. Since there are hundreds of Search Engines, to choose from, which one would you choose? Do you see how the odds just got fractured even more and not in your favor?
  3. Of course, there are the most popular of sites to choose from, but at the same time, the more popular the site the more competition.
  4. Also, the more popular the site, the more expensive are the fees to business and recruiters. Without doing a whole lot of math, it would seem to me that where Search Engines are concerned, bigger does not always translate to more opportunities and smaller Search Engines may have you wasting time sifting through fewer opportunities.
  5. Just one more thought. It just my opinion, but from a Business Manager’s perspective, I tend to believe that if a Search Engine could possibly have friends, they would actually favor paying customers, namely posting companies and recruiters.
    • CONCLUSION: To your favorite Search Engine, you are NOT their customer, which I mean you are not a member of their Friends List. I’m just sayin’…

I wish I could give a wake-up call to the masses who will continue to be competing with hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for every single opening. I can’t connect with the masses, but you and I can dive into this discovery process at your convenience.

Now it would certainly be bad manners to take so much time to outline the problems, without offering a solution. So, when you have a moment, I hope you’ll join me as we discuss flipping this challenge on its head with a solution l like to call:


We’ll use all of the tools at our disposal to walk you through the process, step by step, at your own pace and in your own time. The seven short and laser-focused steps will boost your search potential in two important areas.

First, remember that the Search Engine resource offers possible connections to only about 10% of the available jobs.  Your 7 Step preparation process will maximize your discoverability, as you learn how to THINK LIKE THE BOSSES who are counting on a computer to fill their personnel gaps.

Just like the top search results in your most recent Google Search, your resume’s chances of selection will be maximized by applying the same logic of SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SE0). The key point to remember is that even with the best of preparation, in the lottery process, you are still competing with potentially hundreds or even thousands of seekers positioning for a shot at one single opening. Let’s not forget the Dirty Harry reference.

The best application of the 7 SIMPLE STEPS will be when you move away from the shiny object scenario and the CLICK, POST, ENTER & WAIT lottery process. By shifting your search to the full 90% of unadvertised jobs where the opportunities are massive and the competition is nearly non-existent. That is where I recommend that you search.

Certainly, you’ll want to submit your resume to the most appropriate search engines, since, as in any lottery, you can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket. At the same time, while your future former competition is sitting at home waiting for an invitation to interview, you can be knocking on the door of your choice of potential DREAM JOB BOSSES. Let’s make you the decision maker this time around.

Depending on how you like to learn, we’ll discuss the steps and best practices in the written Blog, on our Podcast and in our Video tips series that we call One Minute Memos.

In addition, we will be preparing a series of Free Online Courses to help you through the highlights. If a more detailed instruction is better for you, we’ll also have an economical, more detailed course, which will offer video lessons, interactive surveys and downloadable tip sheets and workbooks.

For our 7 STEP CLASSMATES, we’ll also meet for individual and roundtable discussions in our private FaceBook Group. For your personal DREAM JOB SEARCH, if at any time I can help to review your progress or your process, please reach out to me to discuss your specific needs. Just go to the contact sheet on any page of the website and drop me a note. My wish for you is that you discover and enjoy being your best in all things. 

Kind Regards,

David Freeman