Welcome and congratulations.


Now that you have a resume to share, it means yours are head and shoulders ahead of your FUTURE FORMER COMPETITION in the JOB SEARCH ADVENTURE.


Whether you have just completed creating a brand new document or if you’ve recently pulled an old dusty copy of your resume out from a long forgotten resting place, you’re making progress and that’s exciting.


By even considering the tools in the Dream Job Dynamic program, you are absolutely moving in a very positive direction.  One key point to build your spirits is to know that the vast majority of all Job Seekers will simply slap together a list of names, dates and job descriptions and launch it into cyberspace on any number of Job Search Engines. They won’t have a plan or a clue about the importance of a well-formatted resume.


The problem with their lack of proper planning will be a major disadvantage for them and a game-changing factor in your future Job Search Success. Let’s just say, its a really good idea to:




The advantage you will gain by fine-tuning and optimizing your resume for discovery by both Search Engine Robots and Resume Screening Humans will result in your standing up and stepping out of the crowd of DREAM JOB HOPEFULS. Do yourself a favor before you officially launch your search. Take advantage of several sets of eyes to proofread your resume for content, grammar and spelling.  


Your personal proofreaders don’t need to be professionals, skilled in your area of expertise or prolific writers.  Just by having another person read through your documents, you will discover errors that you’ve missed or questions that occur to someone who isn’t inside your head.


Bottom line, by the time you’ve finished a rough draft or an update of your resume, even the simplest of errors or omissions will become literally invisible to you. Have at least two other people give it a once over lightly review. You’ll be surprised what they find that you’ve missed.


To that end, I’d be pleased to offer a fresh set of eyes and a review from a Boss’ perspective. I have been reviewing resumes and interviewing individuals for the best part of my forty years in management and  I’d love to share my insights. In addition, as a creative writer and author, I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to grammar, sentence structure and resume content in general.


One more point, before you launch your search, I’d like to recommend, if you haven’t already, that you take a look at our free resource, 7 SIMPLE STEPS TO YOUR PERFECT CAREER BOOST.  While creating a resume to remember is critical, that is actually STEP #3 in our process.  


  • Step #1 we call a DEJA VU ALL ABOUT YOU and it gives you some tools to think about your goals and target jobs, with an eye on your personal strengths, experience and even some long-forgotten passions.  
  • STEP #2 is called INTRODUCING YOU, a guide to creating a critical and exceptional LETTER OF INTRODUCTION. This step will improve your discoverability by computers and turn human screeners into your advocate with the Decision Makers in your target companies.


I promise that the 7 SIMPLE STEPS will help to polish your profile and perfect your presentation while giving you multiple opportunities to choose from.  Let’s make you the decision maker in this adventure.


You’ll find the easy to review preparation guide on our site at


Carry on. You’re on a roll! Best of luck and be sure to use the contact form on our site to reach out with questions.