Good News, Boomer!

Your Age is an Asset, not an Anchor!

Heads up, Fellow Boomer! Whether you realize it or not, right this minute, there are many employers in search mode looking for the likes of you.  They are actively seeking the value in your history and the potential in your past performance.


If you, by chance, missed the introduction, my name is David Freeman. I have participated in and studied the job search process from inside and out for the past 40 years. I have helped many search weary applicants to upgrade and ace their job searches by using a  unique process that is laser focused, time tested and simple to duplicate.


Our objective is to identify your selection of Dream Jobs, connect with the Decision Makers, to allow you to have choices relative to your next and possibly best Career Boost yet, like mine (at the age of 64 ½)!  




Many employers do actually realize that while being young, recently educated and IT proficient is a winning combination, it’s just not the solution for every situations and certainly not every job assignment. For many potential hiring decisions, youth and a fresh diploma, by itself, are simply not the deciding factor.


A growing number of employers,  many, Boomers themselves, would prefer to hire someone who has experienced the trials of real life and survived. Quoting Mark Twain, “Some people get an education from college. The rest get it when they get out into the world.“  


As many younger job seekers will discover, there’s a Catch 22 on their end of the scale, as well. They will find that you need experience to get a job and a job to gain experience. With that in mind, the playing field may seem a bit more level.  In fact, when it comes down to the search, you are not really in competition with those younger, recent graduates.  


The Up-and-Comers, have chosen and prepared for a specific path that doesn’t necessarily require your experience. At the same time, you will be targeting assignments that demand both your expertise and your Boomer work ethic, neither of which have been mastered by your younger counterparts. We’ll talk about your value as a mentor, later on in this conversation.


While you may not be convinced that your value is apparent to employers, let’s take a brief look in your CAREER-VIEW MIRROR.  We’ll do a more thorough deep dive in an upcoming exercise and work book, but for now, let’s compare historical apples to apples with your perceived nemesis, the recent college grad.   

Consider, if you will, my suggestion that “Your Age is an Asset, Not and Anchor!”


By virtue of your extensive “BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT” list, you come pre-loaded with many valuable attributes. Some refer to this as the College of Hard Knocks, when describing their real world education. For example, let’s consider a few questions that look at some of the most obvious assets in your arsenal. Keep in mind that even some of your long forgotten experiences still contribute to your personality and your potential.  



If you took a moment, could you possibly create a list of some of your noteworthy details?:




Giving it a little thought, could you possibly recall some experiences where you might say:   

  • “If I knew then, what I know now, I would have acted very differently!”
  • “That was a bad idea and I’ll never do that again!”
  • “That was an excellent idea, but I didn’t follow my intuition!”
  • “There are a few things I could have handled differently!”
  • “I had no idea things would turn out that way, but now, looking back, it’s obvious!”
  • “I wish I could talk to my younger self and share a little accumulated common sense!”



Here’s my favorite:

Thinking back on your life, do you remember challenges that shaped your personality and your life :

  • From, say, a decade ago?
  • How about twenty years ago?
  • Did you pick up any pointers 30, 40 or even 50 years ago that made a lasting impression on your character, your skills and your abilities?



Think about the images that just popped into your head while you were considering this quick historical review of your own Deja Vu!  Now imagine if we asked the same questions of your dreaded younger competition. Their answer in most cases, would have to be a resounding…

“NO! Obviously, my experience doesn’t go back that far!”


I hope you understand that you really do come to the table with the unfair advantage of a 20-30 year head start.

That being said, while you were busy living and learning about life, think about what your younger, future fellow associates were doing in the same time period?


They would have been:  

  • Waiting several decades to be born.
  • Learning to read and write.
  • Stressing about proms and peer pressure.
  • Actively studying their chosen career curriculum.
  • In other words,  while you were busy learning by living it, they were getting revved up by reading about it.



That, I must say, is only the first bit of excellent news that will hopefully fire you up for a fantastic Career Boosting challenge.  Boomer, you are blessed with a wealth of information. You can draw from your own  experiences and life lessons that your younger competition will never be able to duplicate.


They can’t catch up by reading a book. Bottom line, they will never know what you know. More to the point, they won’t know the value to be found in your experience and they won’t even know what they don’t know.  


Remind me to return to this point when we talk more about your value to your future boss as a Mentor. The ability to “Pay It Forward”, where your experience and work ethic are concerned is absolutely a salable commodity.  Add that to your list of Assets.  


While a younger job seeker may be able to dazzle a decision maker with digital details and technical terminology, know this.  They will never have the advantage of your experience.


On the other hand, if you have an interest and an inclination,  you can always decide to learn the tech skills that they have by reading the same books.


You can always advance forward, but they will never be able to recover the past.  Advantage, Boomer!  


The takeaway from this session is for you to take the accent off your perceived competition. You’re not shooting at their job assignment, anyway.  


As our conversation continues in upcoming posts, we’ll dive deeper into those Career-View recollections from your past. We’ll work together to refresh your memory and to add valuable talking points to your conversation with your future boss.  


Let’s not jump to the finish line, just yet.  Join me as we continue to break down the process of Career Boosting, actually for any age.   Coming up, we will break down the SEVEN SIMPLE STEP PROCESS that will allow you to stand up and step out of the crowd of thousands of other eager job seekers.




As we continue this conversation, you will learn to upgrade your the standard job search tools. We will avoid the traditional SHOTGUN SEARCH, used by most job seekers and replace it with a LASER FOC– USED process.


You will discover how to locate and analyze the dream employers that interest and need you. I will refer to variations on a theme, in future posts that will enable you to:




Your poorly prepared competition will continue to use and fumble  the same old tired techniques, leading them to the same unsatisfactory results. Most will continue casting a wide net and hoping, with fingers crossed, to be discovered.


Your process will identify your target employers and inspire them to reach out to you for your consideration. You need and deserve to be the Decision Maker in this conversation.




As I’ve mentioned before, once you land your next dream position, you will be able to share your experiences in life with your future fellow associates. Also, after we complete this relaunch campaign that’s all about you, you will be in an excellent position to share the process with others.  


First, let’s boost your career, then you can pay it forward to help others.  BOOM THAT!



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