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I’m guessing that you may be in the mood for a CAREER BOOST.  If so, CONGRATS! I’d love to take some time to chat with you about your Job Search questions, challenges and recommended action steps.  No charge.

My wish is to pay it forward by helping you to stand up and step out of the crowd, where you can find the simple solution to discover your perfect DREAM JOB OPPORTUNITIES. Let’s make YOU the DECISION MAKER in this process, by finding multiple JOB OFFERS to choose from.

You may wonder about my motivation in our connection.  It was explained nicely, many years ago by one of my favorite coaches, Zig Ziglar, when he said:



In our short chat, we will be able to determine where you are in your search, what preparation is needed and how you can avoid the pitfalls of the vast majority of your “FUTURE FORMER COMPETITION”.  The good news is, that mounting a successful search for your perfect DREAM JOB OPPORTUNITIES is not complicated nor even time-consuming.So, let’s talk about your motivation. For your own DREAM JOB DISCOVERY process, let’s simplify the search and demonstrate your professional desirability by:


As I’ve mentioned in other conversations, this Bad News/Good News scenario should put a smile on your game face and a spring in your step:

First, the BAD NEWS:

  • At any given moment, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of seekers looking for a connection. 
  • Experts tell us that around 90% of all Job Seekers are counting on the luck of the draw in a Job Search Engine Lottery as their only Job Search Strategy.
  • That means that when you submit your resume to a search engine, you are instantly competing with thousands of Seekers for EVERY SINGLE OPENING.
  • If we can imagine that for every opening there are 1,000 hopeful seekers, that means that for every new position, 999 (or more) hopefuls will need to be REJECTED.
  • In the words of Dirty Harry, “So, are ya feelin’ lucky, Punk? Well, are ya?”

OK, so now, the GOOD NEWS. Here are some nuggets that we know to be true:

  • First and foremost, if you imagine the massive number of actively searching humans, the vast majority are not looking, aren’t interested or don’t qualify for your PERSONAL DREAM JOB TARGET.
  • The vast majority (as in most) of your FUTURE FORMER FELLOW SEEKERS will have no well developed and thoughtful search plan in mind.
  • Most will submit a poorly written, resume to a search engine, where a COMPUTER WILL REJECT THEIR RESUMES IN A NANO-SECOND.
  • The most incredible statistic is that fully 90% of your fellows will be competing for the ONLY 10% OF JOBS THAT ARE EVER POSTED TO A SEARCH ENGINE.
  • They will never even be aware of the fact that MOST JOBS (90%) ARE NEVER, NEVER, NEVER POSTED to a search engine and NEVER ADVERTISED.

So, here’s my suggestion. While everyone else is focusing on the shiny objects in the SEARCH ENGINE LOTTERY and sitting at home refreshing their email waiting for a digital invitation or a phone call, let’s talk about your personal process.

  • LET’S TALK THROUGH YOUR SEARCH PROCESS: We can review your game plan and talk about our recommended SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS TO FIND A DREAM JOB WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!
  • COURTESY RESUME REVIEW: When you’re ready or if you already have an SEO OPTIMIZED RESUME completed, if you’ll send me a copy, I’d be pleased to give you my opinion and suggestions, based on my 40 years experience in Business Management.
  • Let me share my perspective to get you THINKING LIKE YOUR DREAM JOB BOSS and like we said, BEING YOUR BEST, NOT LIKE THE REST! 


If I can help, I’ll look forward to meeting you. So when you’re ready, CLICK ON THE LINK TO SCHEDULE A CHAT.

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